HINO Indonesia

PT. Hino Indonesia Manufacturing was established in year 1982 by Hino Motors Ltd., Japan; Sumitomo Corporation Japan and Indomobil Group. Hino Indonesia has continuously contributed to the development of Indonesia by manufacturing and distributing high quality, environmentally friendly commercial vehicles.

Hino progressed along with expansion of Automotive Industry in Indonesia and pioneered in introducing environmentally friendly products like Compressed Natural Gas Engine bus and Euro II emission level Trucks and Buses. Hino in Indonesia provides employment directly to about 1800 persons and indirectly to many more as the local content of Hino products are high and parts are supplied by more than 130 local suppliers. Hino Products are sold through out Indonesia by more than 30 Main Dealers. Currently under Hino operation there are two companies i.e., PT. HINO MOTORS MANUFACTURING INDONESIA (HMMI) and PT. HINO MOTORS SALES INDONESIA (HMSI). HMMI and HMSI work hand in hand to provide best quality vehicles and after sales service to its customers.

HMMI manufactures vehicles whilst HMSI distributes Hino Vehicles, genuine spare parts and provides after sales service to customers throughout Indonesia.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Hino Indonesia values efforts towards environment protection and pays special concern to social welfare of community. As a good corporate citizen, Hino Indonesia is always keen to make contribution towards worthy cause of environment protection i.e., from product design to production process by using environmentally friendly materials following principle of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of materials and take steps to educate and train personnel for increasing skill through various training programs. Hino enhances social awareness by providing means to promote conservation of forest and endangered animals. Hino Indonesia contributes towards improving health and provides nutrition especially for under privileged. Overall Hino Indonesia CSR policy focuses on:

- Environment
- Education
- Health

To enable this goal, Hino Indonesia picks reliable partners as means to reach society's grass root.

CSR Activities

In order to realize CSR vision and mission, Hino Indonesia picks recipients by conducting survey every year through networking among Government and Non Government Organizations.In order to match the needs of the recipients in the relevant field related to environment protection, education, or health, CSR committee of Hino Indonesia develop programs including design of Hino Vehicle body to match the need of the recipient which would carry Hino Indonesia CSR message and serve the ultimate purpose of supporting the development of society. Hino Indonesia has worked together with several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Yayasan Tanam Pohon Indonesia, Yayasan Emmanuel, Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia (YAYORIN), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), John Fawcett Foundation – Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia - Bali, WatSan Action – Yayasan Tirta Lestari, Kampung Kids, Al Azhar - School for Orphans and Government / Semi Government Organizations like Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), POSYANDU Purwakarta etc. These NGO and Semi NGOs' were selected as they share the vision of Hino CSR and are able to assist Hino Indonesia to reach the people and ultimate goal of Hino CSR. This report provides a brief explanation on Hino CSR activities starting 2007, the mark of 25th Anniversary of Hino in Indonesia.