Hino Indonesia under the umbrella of Toyota family follow the policy of “Motanei” i.e., to use any material to its maximum capability and till its end use. Hino Indonesia promotes 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

To promote the awareness of recycling of domestic or commercial waste and increase the welfare of lower socio-economic communities, Hino Indonesia donated IDR 30,000,000 (thirty million Rupiahs) to Water Sanitation (WatSan) Action - Yayasan Tirta Lestari on 17th December 2009.

WatSan Action in cooperation with Yayasan Tirta Lestari is a non-profit organization that works with disadvantaged Indonesian communities to improve water and sanitation conditions through educational activities and participatory projects. This fund was used to help the lower socio- economic community of Cilincing Fisherman community of Cilincing Fisherman Village to establish home industry which produces products from recycled materials. Hino Indonesia donated sewing machines which act as sustainable tool which can be used for a long term by people of Cilincing. The positive outcome of this project is that the economy of the people of Cilincing Fisherman Village who joined this project improved as they were benefited from proceeds of sales.

Not only those who participated in the project gained awareness on the importance of recycling, the wider community of Indonesia also gained interest to purchase recycled products produced. In addition, WatSan Action - Yayasan Tirta Lestari has established a library on occupational skills and general awareness books for the benefit of that community.

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