Construction of 2 units of freshwater wells for source of clean water, distribution of 450 packages of daily need goods and renovation of bathroom in Ujung Payung Village.
Refugees of Sinabung Mountain’s eruption
Hino Indonesia CSR Team visited Karo Regency to provide assistance to victims of the eruption of Mount Sinabung. The handover ceremony and distribution of packages was attended by Hino Indonesia CSR Team, Heads of Batukarang and Ujung Payung Village, Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of North Sumatera Province and the refugees. This event was held because the refugees experienced shortage of clean water and supplies needed for daily life at the camp. The camp is not equipped with any source of clean water. The refugees received clean water from (BPBD) of North Sumatra Province via water tankers or they collected water from rivers located adjacent to the camp. However, the amount and frequency of delivery was not able to meet the needs of refugees because of the large number persons in the camp and also water could not be collected from the rivers by the villagers as it is contaminated by volcanic ash. It was great relief for the villagers to have their own clean water well.

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