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<p>Wayang is cultural heritage of Indonesia which is slowly disappearing as a consequence to the rapid development of modern era, changing culture and change in life style especially that of younger generation due high technology in entertainment field. Such traditional heritage must be preserved to emphasize and convey the values of life which were uplifted via such cultural activities in the past. Hino Indonesia has taken action to preserve this indonesia cultural heritage by donating IDR 60,000,000 (sixty miliion Rupiahs) to Wayang Orang Bharata on 22nd November 2008 to renovate their stage, back drop and provide lighting in order to make the plays more attractive to the society. With wider choice of background screens and new equipment, the director and script writer can develop their story more freely by utilizing the background screens and lighting. As a result, the play has become more realistic and lively. it is expected that more audience can be attracted with the renewed stage facility.</p>
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