On 24 March 2009, Hino Indonesia donated Dutro Mobile Library to YAYORIN to reach people of South Kalimantan to raise their awareness to save the rain forest, orangutans and its natural habitat. YAYORIN is an NGO whose main activities focus on supporting research on tropical rain forest, orangutans and its natural habitats and educate children and community about their role in conservation of forests.

With the Hino Mobile library, YAYORIN does not only reach the community with educative books and video shows on forest conservation but also transport the children from nearby towns to YAYORIN Conservation Village to learn about horticultural activities. From 1st August 2009 to 28th August 2010, the mobile library conducted visits to approximately 25 schools in Kalimantan, participated in public events such as the Lamandau District Development Exhibition held at Lamandau District, Central Kalimantan which was attended by the Regent of Lamandau District. The mobile library has proven to be successful in gaining the interest of students in environmental issues and serves as a good facility to educate children regarding the importance of environmental conservation. Positive feed back was not only received from the Regent of Lamandau who visited the library, students were eager to read the provided books and attentively listened to stories concerning orangutans and the environment from the facilitator.

The success of mobile library program can be measured by the high level of enthusiasm from students and the number of people who visited the mobile library. A total of 4,755 people visited the library where a majority of them were students. Furthermore, the program has well targeted its main beneficiaries, elementary students because education on natural conservation should be given at an early age. The Mobile Library is a sustainable project and is continued to be used by YAYORIN for environmental causes.

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