3 Decades of Hino Indonesia Dec 17, 2012

Jakarta – Since 30 years Hino Indonesia (PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia - HMSI and PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia - HMMI), manufacturer of HINO commercial vehicle trucks and buses is in Indonesia and it has become a part of the movement and growth of Indonesian economy. Since 17th December 1982 Hino Indonesia has introduced various variants of commercial trucks and buses by equipping features in accordance with the needs of consumers. Worldwide, since 2007, Hino Indonesia has become the largest distributor of Hino vehicles outside Japan. Meanwhile in Japan, Hino medium and heavy duty trucks are controlling the market from 39 consecutive years. Hino continuously develops products that meet market needs.

Since 2000 until today, Hino is the market leader in Indonesia for the commercial vehicle category 3 (Medium Truck) segment with 55.3% market share in 2012 with total sales of 19,400 units. This result shows that Hino ranger market has increased by 27 % from 2011 sales results when total sale was 15,289 units. Meanwhile Hino light truck - Dutro (category 2) was launched during late 2002 has reached 13.4% in 2012 with total sales of 14,200 units. This means Dutro market share increase is 40% compared to 2011 when total sales was 10,169 units. For next year, Hino is targeting around 40,000 units sales in Indonesia market.

President Director of PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia - Toshiro Mizutani said, "We can celebrate this happiest day by the grace of Indomobil, Sumitomo Corporation, Hino Motors Limited as business partners who established this company and also dealers who cover our sales and above all take responsibility to support many customers in Indonesia."

Hino expanded its plant in Purwakarta in 2009 to increase production capacity to 35.000 units / year. At that time on 17th Dec 2009 Vice President Boediono officially inaugurated the factory. In 2012, Hino again increased production capacity to 50,000 units / year. Hino plant expansion is not only in anticipation of increasing sales but also commitment to market Hino Indonesia.

Hino’s development continuously meets the needs of customers in all segments. Dutro now has 32 variants, Ranger has 18 variants, Hino has 4 bus variants and also Heavy Duty truck variant. Hino has developed products to meet all commercial vehicle customers’ needs. The specification matches with the needs of customers. Dutro make operation easy for customers. Hino is known as tough and long lasting vehicle with competitive prices and it is "Value for money".

In this year Hino expanded its sales outlets in 34 provinces and reached to 135 with more than 1,800 parts shop and Hino plans to expand its network to reach 185 outlets. Hino Indonesia also provides trainings to improve the quality of service to customers and meet customer’s expectations.

Hino is a customer based company. One of the key points of success of Hino is it’s excellent after sales service. As a company specialized in commercial vehicles, Hino Indonesia really understand the needs of customers in this segment. Due to this it can maintain and further improve its business. Satisfaction of customer’s needs is the key. Currently, Hino already has more than 60 mobile service units spread across Indonesia operated by Hino dealers. To improve the quality of human resources, Hino has established Hino Sales School (HSS), Hino Technical Training Management (HTMT) and also holds Customer Satisfaction (CS) contest to enhance the ability of Dealer’s work force.

To support Hino’s population in Indonesia, Hino has expanded the Warehouse for Spare Parts in Jatake-Tangerang and it was inaugurated on 9th September 2011. Currently, Hino Indonesia has two depots, DEPO in Banjarmasin and Surabaya. It is, to cover the customer's in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and the surrounding areas. Next year, 2013 Hino Indonesia will open Parts Depo in other cities in Indonesia.

Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR

Hino not only assures best operation for customers but also aims towards CSR activities in order to contribute to the society. In the past we have conducted several social activities such as providing mobile Eye clinic to JFF Bali, Mobile Blood bank to Red Cross, Plantation projects with WWF and Educational projects with Yayorin, SIKIB. This time we will donate to totally 9 able recipients as will be announced soon covering our main objectives of Environment Protection, Improvement of Health, Education and Community service.

Hino Indonesia will continuously move to the next stage with the corporate mission “To make the world better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go safety, economically and with environmental responsibility while focusing on sustainable development as a good member of society of Indonesia." - Mizutani added.

Hino Corporate Social Responsibility activities:

- Environment Protection and Conservation of Wild Life
- Health & Community Service
- Education & Sports

2012 SIKIB 30,000 Trees of mangrove Plantation in North Jakarta
2012 WWF Rehabilitation of Coral Reefs and to organize local communities to carry out protection of reef.
2012 Palu Governor Garbage Truck – 1 unit dutro 130HD
2012 Kampung Kids Health & Nutrition for Kids & Elderly
2012 1. SMKN I Cibatu
3. SMKN I Plered
Scholarship for 30 students of Technical Schools in - Purwakarta Area
2012 Group of farmers To support growth of Manggis fruit farming and to increase welfare of manggis farmer in Purwakarta area
2012 Fisherman community To support growth of fresh water fishery and to increase welfare of fisherman in Purwakarta area
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