Hino Cruising Ranger FM 285 JD Medium Duty Common Rail Truck - Tough & Economical Dec 17, 2012

Jakarta – Finally, Indonesian customers of HINO can see on 30th anniversary of Hino Indonesia (PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia - HMSI and PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia - HMMI) launch of 12 new innovative products by 2013. Hino is preparing wide range of products that would satisfy all Hino customers.

President Director of PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia - Toshiro Mizutani, said "The products we would like to introduce are two types: 1. Reinforcement of wide range of goods carriers for present Ranger series, and 2. Introduction of “Cruising Ranger” with common rail. Concerning common rail, we conducted sufficient experiments and tests in each area of use by customers to assure relief of operation. We are sure that we can offer the best products for each operation needs of customers who will use these vehicles in various fields with wide range of Hino product line up."

Today, Hino showed one of the new products from the line-up “Cruising Ranger FM 285 JD" – a generation of common rail engines with more powerful capabilities and economical operation. Hino Cruising Ranger FM 285 JD is one among the latest product series line-up for 2013.

"This vehicle is awaited by HINO customers. And I am optimistic that Hino FM 285 JD Cruising Ranger will be as successful as the current Ranger. CRUISING RANGER has shown better performance during testing. It has better power and the ability to climb higher gradients as well as fuel consumption more efficient because of the common rail engine. Cruising Ranger is a NEW PRODUCT with NEW ENGINE namely J08E-VT, so we have set up training programs for salesmen and mechanics, as well as we have ensured the availability of spare parts and service facilities to assist this unit in Indonesia." Mizutani explained.

Toshiro Mizutani, is optimistically said “We are sure that we can offer the best products for each operation needs of customers who will use these vehicles in various fields with wide range of Hino products line up."

"Some advantages compared to competitors in Hino common rail vehicle is that the injector which is of latest technology makes replacement easier with no computer settings. Additionally, using DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Injector which has a coating system makes injector more durable and long lasting, which will reduce the effect of wear and tear of the material. Subsequently, HINO common rail system is more reliable, because of use of 3 solar filters and fuel supply system is done with pressure (positive pressure)” - Chief Engineer of Hino Motors, Ltd. - K. Nagakubo explained to reporters at a press conference for launch of FM 285 JD unit at Hotel Mulia on December 17, 2012.

"Hino products have been accepted by the customers in the world as" Strong and Tough Trucks "and we are constantly developing products with the concept of QDR."Q" means high quality, "D" means high Durability and "R" means high Reliability. We believe that the most important point for the customer is the "Value for Money", so that we reflect on the concept of QDR products to maximize vehicle uptime. The New product introduced today has been developed with this concept and we are confident that they will meet the needs of customers.", Mizutani added.

Hino will strengthen not only product but also system of service. Dealers’ network will be expanded to 135 locations within this year and for direct management of spare parts, Depot such as in Surabaya has been opened to improve service quality and availability of spare parts. Within this year, we expanded network to 135 sales outlets in 34 provinces with more than 1,800 Hino parts shop in Indonesia and 185 service outlets network.

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