Hino FC 190 J, Transport Many, Cost-Effective! May 22, 2014

Jakarta – PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI), as main dealer for Hino in Indonesia, has proved for its quality more than 30 years, adding new variant of Ranger Series by launching FC 190 J an agile truck that uses Common Rail engine technology with better vehicle performance and fuel-efficient also longer cargo space, this vehicle is suited to meet with customer’s need for commercial vehicle with a maximum volume capacity with light payload advantage.
“In 2012, Hino introduced common rail engine as Cruising Ranger, and to meet with customer’s need for medium truck variants. Hino Super Cruising Ranger FC 190 J will give customers wide variety of choices for Ranger variants that match with customer’s operational business”, said Hiroo Kayanoki as President Director HMSI. Since April 2014, Hiroo Kayanoki is now President Director HMSI replacing Toshiro Mizutani who is now the Commissioner HMSI.

Hino FC 190 J truck with 4x2 configuration, supported with Common Rail four cylinder engine and have 190 PS power that result with a big torque, 56/1,850 Kgm/Rpm and can produce better climbing ability, and also the ability to go faster can go 112km/hr, with Low Cost Fuel Consumption so the vehicle Operational Cost will be more economic. With GVW 10.4 Ton is very suitable to carry goods in “light but large” size, like automotive parts or household goods. Looking at the increase need transport in goods and the growth of supermarkets, then this truck is suitable to carry everyday products such as light food, drinks, and others.
FC 190 J is presented with 5.320mm wheelbase and larger space transport, the chassis length are up to 7.1m giving more space to carry goods. The cabin size is also made to be more efficient to provide maximum body capacity, “Hino FC 190 J will fill a new market between Dutro and FG series. Our target is milk-run customers who deliver light and large goods to short distance. We are confident this unit fulfills that kind of customer's need. I am very optimistic that this unit can gives additional sales for Hino to keep the market share in Medium Duty category high, especially in small PS 4x2 medium class trucks, added Santiko Wardoyo as Sales & Promotion Director HMSI.

After Sales Service FC 190 J
To ensure a service and availability of spare parts, Senior Executive Officer Irwan Supriyono Service & Parts Division HMSI explain fully supports after-sales service for all Hino vehicles, including FC 190 J. “We have distributed the spare part to all dealers and part shop, even now HMSI is on the process to develop spare part FC 190 J in HMSI Original Parts (HOP) for lower operation cost. For service, Hino mechanics have already given training on how to take care and fix Hino FC 190 J vehicle. FC 190 J also join Hino Free Service Program, through this program we gave free periodical service fee up until 60.000 km or 1 year since customer purchase (delivered) Hino vehicle from Hino Authorized Dealer, the service includes spare part change, lubricants, and service”, explain Irwan Supriyono.

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