HINO in IIMS 2014 Sep 18, 2014

Jakarta – PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) has been 32 years established in Indonesia as main dealer for Hino truck and bus in Indonesia. This time attend The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show 2014 (IIMS), located in Hall Outdoor 7, HMSI will exhibit 8 units, which are: Hino 700 Series Profia SV 6x4 Tractor Head (Prototype), Hino 500 Series Ranger FM 320 P Tractor Head, Hino 500 Series Ranger FC 190 J Wing Box, Hino Bus R 260 School Bus, Hino 300 Series Dutro 130 MD Long Panda Mobile, Hino 300 Series Dutro 110 SDLR (Prototype), Hino 300 Series Dutro 110 SDL Mobile Banking Car, and Hino 300 Series Dutro 110 SDL Mobile Workshop. The press conference is attended by Santiko Wardoyo Sales & Promotion Director HMSI, Irwan D. Sutanto Senior Executive Officer Fleet & Mining HMSI, Irwan Supriyono Senior Executive Officer Service & Spare Part HMSI, along with HMSI management.
“HMSI theme for IIMS 2014 is Total Support with booth area of 750 m2. As customer-oriented oriented, Hino always try to put customer needs first: this concept is named Total Support that is started from the sales of unit operated by customer”, said Santiko Wardoyo.
In the development of our business, we always apply Total Support for our customers. In doing so, we uphold Two Values which include providing 100% UP time and minimizing the vehicle’s lifetime cost by Gearing up Customer Trust with Best-fit products, After Sales Service Support and Customer-Oriented activities. We are aiming to foster and build trust by listening and understanding the needs of the customers, providing visibility, showing our commitment and keeping promises to our customers.

“Total Support requires a clear understanding about each individual role in Hino Team and strong cooperation in the team. Cooperation in Hino team are a tool to share and anticipate customers need and the way to develop it is to give solution that represent customer’s voice and outstand their expectation”, said Santiko.
Hino will also launch 3 new products, which are: Hino 700 Series Profia SV 6x4 Tractor Head (Prototype), Hino 500 Series Ranger FM 320 P Tractor Head, and Hino 300 Series Dutro 110 SDLR (Prototype). Hino Ranger FM 320 P is tractor head truck with Antilock – Braking System (ABS) 320 PS, with maximum torch of 115 Kgm that is suitable to operate as oil and gas vehicle; with GVWR 44 ton and can load up to 32.000 liters. The ABS technology that Hino has gives comfort in sudden Brake so the process become safer and secure.
Prototype unit that Hino exhibit is Profia SV for the first time Hino launch with GVW 41 tons specially made for coal / heavy equipment vehicle that can attract up to 100 tons.
“Hino Profia SV 6x4 Tractor Head is a prototype that is exhibit today is a Hino 700 series, heavy duty truck Hino have special made for off road or mining locations. This 6x4 truck is high in efficiency that is made for coal loading vehicle”, said Irwan D. Sutanto as Senior Executive Officer Fleet & Mining HMSI.
The Prototype of Hino Dutro 110 SDLR is also exhibit; this unit is another version of 110 SDL that has rear over hang results with body length that can go up to 4000 mm. The length can carry loads of goods, especially light-weight like consumer goods or retail business.
Hino also exhibit unit 110 SDL, with more dynamic design, suitable to use in many business areas, one of the example is the truck is modified along with business need as Mobile ATM for Bank Mandiri using LED Active, with this truck, Mandiri Bank can operate throughout the city without any restriction.

Bandung. Bus R 260 machine capacity is 7.684 cc and capable of using power up to 260 PS the bus is tough, efficient, also environment friendly, can load 41, 43, and up to 54 seats.
As a form of Hino care in order to educate and contribute to the environment, this time in IIMS Hino exhibit Dutro 130 MDL in cooperation with WWF, the truck is design to become an edutainment for environment truck, inside there are many fun activities available like storytelling and games.
Hino also exhibit Service Car Truck that is ready to help customers in emergency situations when their vehicle experience trouble. This truck can fix vehicles even periodic servicing. The truck is able to carry 60 liters of engine oil, also transmission oil of 60 liters and 60 liters of oil differential. Inside there is a wide range of services to accommodate equipment repairs process required by the consumer. This mobile workshop can fix with capacity of 7 units.
Hino FC 190 J is also exhibit; the newest Hino Ranger Series is suitable to carry big but light goods. Hino FC 190 J is suitable also for milk-run businesses, namely those which deliver the goods, but much lighter and in short distances. With 5,320 mm wheelbase and 7.1 m chassis, gives more space for transporting goods with volume of 45 m3. The frame is thick and strong because of the inner reinforcement, and new rivet reinforcement cross member design without holes that add sturdy frame.
Hino also exhibits our after sales service with Total Support concept, where visitors can see and ask about the services we provide”, said Irwan Supriyono.

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