Customer Satisfaction Contest, Hino Commitment to Continues Provide Excellent Service Nov 19, 2015

PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) continues committed to provide Total Support with excellence service in order to provide customer satisfaction. One way to achieve it’s by continuously increased the quality of Hino human resource (HR). Therefore, Hino held Customer Satisfaction (CS) Contest 2015 in Hino Training Center, Jatake, Tangerang, on 19-20 November 2015. The theme of CS Contest 2015 is “We Represent Hino Total Support”, it’s mean Hino committed to provide support and excellent service by introduced Total Support concept. With implementing this concept, each dealer staff must to have a deep understanding, a qualified ability and a solid teamwork, so able to provide a good solution and exceed customer expectation.
HMSI President Director, Hiroo Kayanoki, said “Continuously improving the quality of after sales service is responsible to all Hino human resource. CS Contest expected can become Hino tools to increase human resource quality to serve sales service and after sales service to loyal customer”. "In addition, CS Contest also as an event of evaluation to dealers in order to they can be good by producing high quality human resource in next year, so Hino still as No.1 brand”, added Kayanoki.

CS Contest is a part of scheme HR development 3S (Sales, Service, Spare part) that aim to increase HR quality to serve sales service and after sales.  This event held every year and in this year participates by 41 Hino dealers in Indonesia with total 287 participants. Different from previous CS Contest, this year HMSI adding one category is warehouse category, total 7 category will contest is salesman light duty truck category, salesman medium duty truck, service advisor, mechanic, customer care officer, fleet part salesman and also warehouse.

Tatsuya Miki, Marketing & Dealer Development Director said “CS Contest held for strengthen Hino commitment to provide a good experience to customer, with continues to make national standardization skill and increase mechanic/technical”. “Hino also ready and optimist to satisfy customer need to provide good vehicle to reach  maximum profit” closed Miki.

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