Hino Donate Service Car For Maintenance and Repair of Transjakarta Buses Mar 03, 2015

Jakarta, 3rd March 2015 - At the location of the office of the Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok), Hino Indonesia donated 1 unit Service Car to support the operations of Transjakarta buses. The handover ceremony was attended by Mr. Hiroo Kayanoki, President Director of PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia, Mrs. J. Ralhan, Director of PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia, Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Governor of DKI Jakarta, Mr. Anthony NS Kosasih, President Director of PT. Transportation Jakarta, Prof. DR. Ir. Soetanto Soehodho M. Eng. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta and Mr. Wijamako Director of PT. Transportasi Jakarta. 


The purpose of this CSR activity is to support the Government of DKI Jakarta in providing convenient, safe and uninterrupted public transportation services for the residents of this capital city. This activity is also a form of Total Support of Hino to PT. Transportasi Jakarta which has utilized Hino buses since Busway Corridor I began to operate for the first time 11 years ago. Currently, PT. Transportation Jakarta operates 310 units of Hino buses which consist of 74 units of CNG Buses, 93 units of Diesel Buses and 143 units of APTB Buses. "Hino Buses are dedicated for serving the people of Jakarta through busway. With the support of this Service Car, we hope to be able to maximize the operational time of Transjakarta bus and support the smooth operation of the vehicle,” said Hiroo Kayanoki. “We also hope that the passengers can enjoy the convenient public transportation because the buses are well maintained," he added.

The Service Car is equipped with a wide range of equipment designed to carry out minor and moderate repairs on the road. Minor repairs that can be performed by Service Car include replacement of engine oil, grease dispenser, cleaning of air filter, SST maintenance, etc. Meanwhile, moderate repairs which can be facilitated by the Service Car cover clutch repair, brake repair, etc. Major repairs such as engine overhaul, transmission repair and axle repair must be carried out in the workshop. However, the Service Car is equipped with a Crane that can lift bigger component into the box to be carried to the workshop. Transjakarta mechanics will be given training in order to fully utilize the facilities available in the Service Car and to enable them to carry out repairs on the road.

This is not the first time Hino implemented its CSR program with the Government of DKI Jakarta. On 6th June 2014, Hino participated in the handover of 30 units of TransJakarta given by Rodamas Group, PT. Ti-Phone Mobile Indonesia Tbk. and PT. Telekomunikasi Sellular"said J. Ralhan. In addition, Hino Indonesia, which has always been an active player in CSR has implemented various activities throughout 2014 - 2015 such as the donation of a HINO Green Car in Raja Ampat in cooperation with the Solidarity Wives of United Indonesia Cabinet (SIKIB), gradually releasing up to 2,000 turtles in Bali in cooperation with the Turtle Conservation Education Center, donation of J08C engine for WWF-Indonesia’s marine life survey and monitoring ship and the establishment of a tailoring house for women in Babakan Village, Wanayasa, Purwakarta. (*)

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