Maintain Customer Satisfaction Hino Held CS Contest 2016 Nov 16, 2016

Tanggerang - PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) continues to doing innovation and improvement in all aspect. Therefore, Hino held Customer Satisfaction (CS) Contest 2016 in Hino After Sales Center, Jatake, Tangerang, on 16 - 17 November 2016. This contest aim to unite 3S dealers team all over Indonesia to appreciate and give motivation in all aspects to improve their quality and technique ability as well this event also to evaluate performance of Hino 3S dealers. This year Hino CS Contest has theme "We Represent Hino Total Support" Where in Total Support concept, each individual must has understanding and ability according to HMSI standard so they can provide the best solution even exceed customer expectation with 3S team work. All material tests for CS Contest participant will relate with Total Support concept and adapted with the current market situation also the latest policy of HMSI.
Hiroo Kayanoki as a President Director HMSI said “Hino believe to provide the best service for our customer, we need expert and trusted person. Therefore continuously human resources development is important by Hino together with all Hino dealers across Indonesia”.

Total 350 participants from 41 dealers in Indonesia participate in CS Contest this year, where all participants already past the selection by each dealers so they can pass and represent their dealer. Different with previous CS Contest, in this edition there are two new categories that is Hoyu Manager category where in this category participant will doing test in data management and provide 3S strategic for customer solution and Field Advisor category, for this category participant will contest way to provide solution in Hino vehicle service program and profiling Hino customer data. With this new category, in total there are 9 categories in CS Contest such as salesman light duty truck, salesman medium duty truck, service advisor, mechanic, customer care officer, fleet part salesman, warehouse, Hoyu Manager, Field Advisor. All category will held with standard already assigned by HMSI, and the winner will get overseas travelling and cash money.
“Through this CS Contest, we hope 3S dealers’ members can improve their ability. In CS Contest this time we added an additional agenda "Skill Show" from the staff HMSI, with the aim that participants can bring new knowledge after CS Contest finished. And this program is Hino's commitment to continuously improve our service quality both in sales and after-sales”. Said Irwan Supriyono, Senior Executive Officer After Sales HMSI.

In October Hino reach the highest sales in this year.
Hino as a customer oriented company always put customer satisfaction as a goal in provide product, service and after sales, that’s why Hino always routinely held CS Contest that the result positively impacted on sales. During January to October 2016, Hino able to maintain market share as the medium duty truck market leader with grabbing 60% market share. Surely this is good result in the unstable market conditions. Good result also came from light duty truck segment, Hino Dutro as a main product in this category able to growth and grab 21.37% market share compared in the same period last year only 17%. This positive result for Hino, because light duty truck market decreased 18% compared last year, but Hino in fact can growth and increase the market share. This satisfaction result surely comes from our customer satisfaction toward Hino product and after sales services.
"We continuously strive to provide the best products and services for our loyal customers, this is a key in Hino sales keep stable in the currently market situation. Hino also achieved great results in October, where achieved the highest sales in this year with 2,040 units sold and increase 12.9% compared to the previous month ", Closed Santiko Wardoyo, Sales & Promotion Director HMSI.

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