Hino Support Education By Providing Simulator Components Of Motor Vehicles To The Institute Of Technology Bandung Mar 28, 2016

Bandung, 28th March 2016 - Hino Indonesia carried out another CSR program. On this occasion, Hino Indonesia implemented its CSR activity in the Institute of Technology Bandung, particularly at the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FTMD) by providing some major components of motor vehicles that have been converted into a simulator to support the learning process of students. These components consist of: 1) Working Simulator of Differential Carrier and Rear Axle Truck; 2) Working Simulator of Manual Transmission; 3) Diesel engine 4-cylinder with its equipment to be used for research and testing at the Laboratory of Internal Combustion and Propulsion System FTMD - ITB; 4) Leaf Spring Assy; 5) Propeller Shaft on a Static Stand; and 6) Steering Gear Box.

The motor vehicle components were handed over by J. Ralhan as Director of PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia to Dr. Hari Muhammad as Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Institute of Technology Bandung. The handover ceremony was held in the building of FTMD Institute of Technology Bandung and attended by Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin - Deputy Dean Academic FTMD; Dr. Ignatius Pulung Nusprasetio - Vice Dean for Resources FTMD; Dr. Arief Hariyanto - Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Study Program; the Chairman of the Group's expertise FTMD - ITB; Academic Staff FTMD - ITB; Management of Hino Indonesia and Hino Indonesia CSR team.

For more than 30 years, Hino Indonesia has become a part of the development in Indonesia and Hino Indonesia remains committed to utilize the potential of the domestic market, including industry and human resources. In carrying out its business operations, Hino Indonesia has absorbed thousands of Indonesia’s human resources who are experts in their respective fields.

Therefore, education is an important starting point to create high quality human resources who are ready to work in the industry. "Hopefully this contribution from Hino Indonesia can be fully utilized with the aim of establishing a closer relationship between educational theory and actual practice in the industry," said J. Ralhan. With the simulator components and its other uses, students are expected to understand the actual work system of the main components of a motor vehicle.

Hino Indonesia also opens opportunities for ITB’s students to do practical work and develop their career in the industry sector and the motor vehicle business.

Hino Indonesia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is sustainable and has become the company's official activities with the scope of education, health, socio culture, environmental protection and community development. (*)

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