Celebrate 35 years of Hino Indonesia, Hino Keep Trusted in Business, With Skyrocketed Market Share. Mar 02, 2017

Jakarta, March 2 2017 - Automotive market in commercial vehicles unstable over the years, including in 2016, recorded sales of commercial vehicles decreased 12%. In 2016 recorded sold 72.264 vehicles, this amount is less than in 2015, which reached 82.287 for total light and medium duty trucks. This Decrease because unstable economic conditions in Indonesia and global. But in declining market conditions, PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) can achieve different results, which is HMSI recorded positive result 22.306 units sold. This result is better and increase 1.2% compared in last year only achieves 22.014 units. This is a proof of Hino strengthen and toughness already present for 35 years in Indonesia. Into the 35th year, Hino committed to continue to help the people in Indonesia to grow and move forward together to provide the best products and also total support service to provide transport solutions maximize with minimum operational costs. Beside that the presence of Hino in Indonesia contributed to the economy of Indonesia, where Hino has a plant with production capacity up to 75,000 units / year. Where 167 local suppliers grow together with Hino. Not only that Hino also contributed to foreign exchange for the country with export its products to some Asian and American countries
In quarter 4 2016, market started to recover according to increasing price of commodities, and we expect will continue in 2017. And we are optimist to achieve better results again this year, because we look difficult situation it can be an opportunity for Hino ", Said Hiroo Kayanoki as President Director HMSI.
Hino Ranger Sales, Medium Duty Trucks
Medium duty truck market during 2016 decline 0.61%  has compared in 2015, which in 2016 total 17.498 units absorbed by the market, the amount is down slightly compared in 2015 has 17.605 units. Hino Ranger which is a major product in medium-duty trucks segment, in 2016 has sold over 10.518 units, this result is slightly lower compared with achievements in 2015 has 10,856 units. But in 2016 Hino Ranger still leading 60.11% market share for this category. With the results achievement this makes Hino as a role or market for 17 years. Hino Ranger 6x4 FM 260 JD is a tough truck on heavy road and a legend of dump trucks in Indonesia because it has proven its strength become type bestseller by contributing the most sales for 2016 success released in the market for 2,262 units or 22% sales in medium duty truck segment.
 “Improvement commodity prices in the second semester help to boost Hino Sales, especially demand from mining segment start increase coal prices so that increase demand for FM 260 JD "  said Santiko Wardoyo, Sales and Promotion Director HMSI.
Hino Dutro Sales, Light Duty Truck
During period 2016 light duty truck market was corrected sharply, which the market has decreased by 15% from previous in 2015 sold 64.682 units in 2016 decrease for 54.766 units. However, Hino Dutro continued proven its quality and can be received by public. Recorded during 2016 Hino Dutro become the only product that grows in the light duty truck market by success sold 11.788 units or up 6% compared sales in 2015 for 11.158 units. In addition increase unit sales, market share Hino Dutro also boosts from 2015 recorded 17% increase to 22% in 2016. This result was also a record highest market share can reach since it was first launched in 2003, which truck beginning appearance only has 1% market share. Hino Dutro 130 HD 6.8 PS becomes the most demand during 2016. Trucks are generally used dump body application was success released to the market for 5.103 units or contributing 43% to the Hino sales in light duty truck segment.
Hino Bus Sales
In 2016, medium bus market recorded 1,577 has sold, and Hino Bus achieve 1,061 unit sales. With this results Hino strengthen its position as market leader in bus medium segment market with leading market share as much 67% in 2016. This result is proven that bus Hino is still major product and a good choice for public transport in the city and intercity and surely also for tourism bus. Hino Bus type R 260 become bestseller and sustains most with contribution 69% or equivalent to 733 units. This rear engine bus is very reliable and resilient use to transportation between the city and in the city because it has capacity up to 59 seats.
2017 Target
Hino sales network until the end of fiscal year 2016 had 166 sales network spread all over Indonesia, and Hino plans to continue to expand the sales network, and targeting can reach more than 170 outlets in 2017. Besides the sales network Hino Also continue to Enhance part shop, for Ensure the availability of Hino spare parts and make customer easier to get it, in 2016 Hino had 2873  parts shop and targeted to grow up to 3.073 parts shop at the end of 2017. With the Increase of the sales network and after sales , HMSI has targeted to sell 14,000 units and 65% market share in the medium duty truck. As well as light duty truck Also targeted to be sold 14,000 units or 25% market share. HMSI total in 2017 set a target of 28,000 units overall for both medium and light duty trucks.
Santiko said "This year we are optimistic could have been better, as some economic indicators show positive trends, including infrastructure development also started at outside Java Island this course will positively impact in our sales".
"Security conditions and currency exchange rate fairly stable, commodity prices began to improve this is what makes us believe the commercial vehicle industry in 2017 will growth, and government is also actively to maintain and improve the purchase power", added Santiko.
New Product in 2017.
In line with government to build infrastructure, make heavy duty truck business active, where market needed tough truck with great power and large load carrying capacity, for that in January 2017, HMSI launch new product in segment Heavy Duty Truck. Hino700 Series SS1E Profia Tractor Head, trucks with common rail engine has 480 PS power with load capacity or Gross Combination Weight (GCW) 55 tons. This truck suitable for heavy goods transportation and special goods in on road. This truck is intended for industries such as steel, oil and gas, heavy equipment and construction. Hino700 SS1E Profia series is also equipped with the system Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) which serves to control the vehicle more stable when braking because the wheels are not locked when the brakes are continually, thereby reducing the risk of accidents

After Sales Service
Besides new products, in 2017 Hino still focused to provide excellent after-sales service which is in line with the principle of Total Support to maximize vehicle operation and minimize maintenance costs. To achieve this goal Hino through dealers and branches throughout Indonesia held a service campaign "engine overhaul", where the service this campaign, Hino give special discounts for services overhaul and spare parts such as pistons, bearings, crankshaft, bearings Conrod, bearing camshaft , cylinder liners, piston rings, piston pin kit, washer crankshaft, steam valve oil seal, gasket kit E / G OH. Where this service campaign will starts from March .until May 2017.

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