Hino Launching New Dutro In GIIAS 2017 Aug 10, 2017

Jakarta, 10 Agustus 2017 – PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) as a main dealer Hino truck and bus in Indonesia, take participation in Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2017 (GIIAS). With theme “Celebrate 35 years of Hino Grow with Indonesia” which is in 2017 with celebrating 35 years of Hino Indonesia. During its period, Hino grow with this country through provide transportation for society and goods, and also contribute on development of Indonesia. During 35 years establish we have been provided more than 160 product variant that ready for business. In addition, Hino recorded has factory in Indonesia not only produce for domestic market, however export to the other country. And now more than 5.500 employees join in Hino group including Hino Dealer, HMSI, Hino Finance and Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI).
Hiroo Kayanoki as President Director HMSI said “Hino bring added value for customer with Total Support Activity that focus continued development, Hino continues provide best product during 35 years in Indonesia based on QDR (Quality, Durability and Reliability). And after sales that make customer business easier”. “We would like to thank you for our loyal customer in Indonesia. Because of them Hino can grow and develop during 35 years in this country”. Added Kayanoki
Launching New Product
Located Hall 3, No 3C. Hino will displaying 7 unit Hino vehicles into a 1,008 sqm booth. From seven vehicles, two of them are the Hino new product for light duty truck class that is Hino New Dutro. In this GIIAS event, HMSI display Hino New Dutro 130 HDL with box body. Has longer chassis dimension make bigger space to carry more goods. Due any addition length on the wheelbase (WB) and rear legs (ROH) thus making cargo space longer. The second one of new unit is Hino Dutro 130 HD packaged compactor body. Hino New Dutro 130 HD and 130 HDL equipped with new model transmission (RE50) that able improve fuel efficiency and produce better acceleration and reliable capability on uphill terrain. Braking system more safety, through adding brake lining dimension also increased vacuum pump capacity from previously 80 cc to 90 cc, in addition for expand brake drum dimension on parking brake system from previously 177,8 mm diameter to 200 mm and width 35mm to 45 mm. Makes New Dutro more responsive and shorter breaking distance that increasing driver safety.

The Other Unit in GIIAS 2017
Hino has committed to provide business solution for various business segments such as distribution, construction, public service and transportation through best fit product that has proven quality and toughness. In addition of Hino New Dutro, Hino bringing 5 others units which it’s those units has proven toughness and reliability such as a legend of dump truck Indonesia that become market leader for last 17 years is Hino New Generation Ranger FM 260 JD. Additionally Hino also brought two other units of New Generation Ranger is Tractor Head SG 260 TH that reliable and strong on pulling container. This unit suitable with government program in builds new port in order to reduce distribution cost. And FG 235 JP displayed in the form Refrigerator Box that is ready to help in business food frozen and beverage.

New Bus
Beside displaying tough trucks, Hino also displaying new bus. Hino Bus RM 380 one of the line up Hino big bus. With 380 PS power engine and GVW 18 ton. This bus suitable for long distance trip. Where government is being active build highway toll road in line Trans Java and Trans Sumatera. Bus with big engine E13C-UT Common Rail will accelerate with efficient. To connected intercity in Java island and Sumatera island. Hino Bus RM 380 displaying in GIIAS has body with capacity up to 59 seats. Equipped with air suspension in front and rear to adding comfortable passengers. 

Hino Truck Dakar Rally
Hino in GIIAS 2017 also bring the special unit. Truck that evidence of Hino Quality, Durability and Reliability continually make improvements. First time, Hino join to Dakar Rally in 1991 and become one of Japan truck that join in toughness race. During join start from 1991 until now or already 26 years, Hino Truck Dakar Rally never failed reach finish line, where in 1997 success become champion for category truck and reach in the second and third position. Besides that, since Dakar Rally 2010 Hino also success to win under 10 - Liter category for 8 consecutive years from 2010 to 2017. The successes of Hino Truck Dakar Rally always reach finish line for 26 years participate and become winner to a prove that Hino truck has quality durability and reliability. And trustful become partner of business.

Hino Booth in GIIAS 2017
In accordance with the theme "35 Years of Hino Growing Together Indonesia" this time Hino presents an attractive booth with Japanese sensation. This is to show the country of Hino origin, so visitors who come will feel sensation of Japan in here and strength Hino image that has high quality product. To add the joy in Hino booth, various entertainment ready to pampering visitors who attend such standup comedy from famous comics, beside that Naïf band with their beautiful songs will add excitement visitors in Hino booth at the weekend. HMSI also provide kids corner with edutainment games facilities. Hino also complete service for customer who attend with Total Support Corner. Which is on Total Support Corner customer can get any after sales vehicle solution for service, spare part or Hino vehicle accessories.
“Hino will continue provide best fit products that make business customer easier. Including in GIIAS 2017, we are launch our new truck Hino New Dutro that we trust able can provide more value for Hino customer business”. Said Santiko Wardoyo as Sales & Promotion Director HMSI.
Hino Sales during January – July 2017.
During January – July 2017, vehicle market in good condition. Surely this is also felt and positive impact for Hino. Which is Hino still able to maintain market share and still become market leader from medium duty truck during last 17th years. Hino New Generation Ranger during period January – July 2017 has 55% sales increased by success sold 8.397 units compared same period last year has sold 5.427 units. With this result Hino New Generation Ranger occupied 60% market share. Meanwhile Hino Dutro able to continue grow with market share 21% by success sold to market 6.983 unit this result increase 8% from the same period in last year for 6.476 units.
“Besides sales, our after sales service business also grow. Surely, this achievement is inseparable from Total Support activities that we provide to our loyal customer where we are provide profits with maximum up time and minimum operational costs so that their business is more profitable”, closed Santiko.

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