Hino Inaugurated Showroom in Sampit and Introduce Hino New Dutro in Sampit. Sep 18, 2017

Sampit, 18 September 2017PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) celebrate 35 years Hino Indonesia with continues strengthen sales network and after sales. Through Total Support activities to give more value for customer in Sampit. HMSI with authorized dealer for Central Kalimantan PT. Auto Mobil Prima (AMP) inaugurated new dealership facility from previous Mini 3S is now a BIG 3S (Sales, Service, Spare Parts). Showroom Hino Sampit located on the street Jenderal Sudirman KM 2.5 No. 53.  It has an area 5,376m² and building area 1,960m2. Now there are 7 service bay from previous 2 service bay. With additional service bay Hino Sampit targeted to accommodate more than 2,100 vehicles every year for various service activities such as periodic service, light repair, heavy repair and component repair.  Hino Sampit inaugurated showroom attend by Hiroo Kayanoki – President Director HMSI, Santiko Wardoyo – Sales & Promotion Director HMSI, and Tatsuro Tazaki – Marekting & Dealer Development Director HMSI and also Soesilo Halim Gunawan – Commisaries AMP, and Hengky Leonardy President Director AMP.

Hiroo Kayanoki, President Director HMSI said “With inaugurated new showroom, we will serve more maximum. so that vehicle Hino customer in here keep maintained, and always prime condition. So that business in Sampit can drive easier".  

Previously Hino Sampit under behalf of PT Cakrawala Putra Motor. Now Hino Showroom Sampit behalf of PT Auto Mobil Prima management. This showroom has implemented design and HMSI standardization. There are sales counter and display space Hino line up product including Hino New Generation Ranger, Hino New Dutro, and Hino Bus. To guarantee availability spare part. There is any warehouse that ready to guarantee availabilities Hino spare part in Sampit area. 

Hino New Dutro introduced to Hino loyal Customer in Sampit.
After launching on GIIAS on August 10th, Hino New Dutro is also being introduced to Hino's loyal customer in Sampit along with opening of this new showroom. Hino New Dutro regenerations of previously Hino Dutro that light duty truck type. The latest generation present with tagline “Makin Panjang Umurnya” increased specification conducted throughout New Dutro Vehicle and also additional line up model more previous Hino Dutro has 12 models, now the latest generation Hino New Dutro present with 16 new models. Hino New Dutro with a new model transmission (RE50) that can improve fuel efficiency and produce better acceleration as well as a reliable capability in uphill terrain. Hino New Dutro more safety, with additional larger brake lining dimensions and increased vacuum pump capacity from 80 cc to 90 cc, in addition to the expansion of brake drum dimensions parking brake system from previously 177.8 mm diameter to 200 mm and the width 35 mm to 45 mm. Makes New Dutro braking more responsive and shorter braking distances that improve driver and other driver safety factors.

Hino Sales during January – July 2017 in Sampit.
Its strategic location makes Sampit become an developed city in Central Kalimantan. Many industries make this city become of the trading center in Kalimantan. In addition, the extensive oil palm plantations in this city certainly add Sampit's potential to be an important city for Hino. Recorded during period January to July 2017. Hino  able to increase sales from 28% in the past year, now dominates light duty truck market in Sampit with 54% market share and making Hino Dutro become market leader. Surely this positive result cannot be separated from Hino loyal customer satisfaction to Total Support service so that Hino continues be trusted business partners who make business easier.

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