Entering the Tenth City, Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition Held In Balikpapan Dec 21, 2017

Balikpapan, 21 December 2017 – PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) with authorized dealer East Kalimantan, PT Antasena Agung Jaya (AAJ), PT Kumala Motor Sejahtera Bersama (KMSB) and PT Prima Putra Kaltim (PPK)  continues safety driving campaign that is Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition in the tenth city,  Balikpapan . As the last city, from 10 cities program. Hino still showing theme “Handal Pengemudinya, Aman dan Maksimal Bisnisnya”. This event held on parking area Balikpapan Sport and Convention Center or known by local people namely Dome. In the tenth edition of Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition attend by 90 drivers from Hino customer in East Kalimantan Area.

Yuichi Naito, HMSI Director said, “As automotive producer, Hino very happy can held this event, because this is our responsibility to ensure their safety. Because driver's safety is important things for themselves and their family.”

Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition is divided into two part test. First day located on HMSI Balikpapan branch office at Pulau Balang KM 13, street. The drivers will sentence test about safety driving including daily inspection, proper driving, economical driving, safety driving, and sign traffic. After that 10 of the best driver from this test, will continues in second day for inspection test and skill test such as zigzag forward and backward also reverse parking.

Hino Dutro Safety Driving has been held since October 2017, where Semarang city become the first. After the national safety campaign from Hino passes several other cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta, Makassar, Manado, Pontianak, Medan, Padang, and Pekanbaru. Total drivers who participated during this event are 700 drivers. Through this activity Hino wants to active give support to government in an effort to prevent road accidents. Through education and cooperation with institution such as Police, Ministry of Transportation and local Transportation Agency. It is expected that truck drivers can become the pioneers of road safety and always cultivate safety as a necessity. This is also accordance with Hino’s vision that wants to make the world a better place to life by helping people and goods get where they need to go safely transportation. It is necessary to instill Hino truck drivers, so that they can drive safely and provide more value to other road users.

Launching Hino New Dutro to make easier business entrepreneurs in Balikpapan
In the evening, coinciding with Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition. PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia also introduced Hino New Dutro to Hino loyal customers in Balikpapan through Hino Customer Gathering. The event held at Swiss Bell Hotel Balikpapan is also announcement of the winner Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition Balikpapan in the morning. Hino New Dutro is the latest generation to replace the previous generation Hino Dutro which is a type of light duty truck or light truck class. This latest generation comes with the tagline "Makin Panjang Umurnya".
This event was attended by Hino loyal customer from any kind of business segment such as plantation, petroleum, natural gas, cargo and others.  Hino New Dutro currently has 16 new models, in which there are 4 additional models from the previous generation which there are only 12 models. One of the most suitable variants of business in West Sumatera is Hino New Dutro 130 HDL for cargo business. Where this variant comes has a longer frame dimensions, the same as the Hino Dutro 130 MDL unit and has a body cubication increased by 3.85 m3 or from 15.05 m3 to 18.9 m3. Addition for lengths to the wheelbase (WB) and rear wheel (ROH) makes cargo space capacity larger to carry more items. New Dutro 130 HDL is equipped with a new model transmission (RE50) that can improve fuel efficiency up to 1.8% more efficient than the old transmission and produce better acceleration and more reliable capabilities in the uphill terrain. Another new model is attending and suitable using for business needed in West Sumatera is Hino New Dutro 130 HD LSD, light truck 6 wheel reliable on off road. Equipped with Limited Slip Differential (LSD) technology that serves to prevent slippage when going through a heavy mud field. So truck can continue to work and productivity still maintain

Hino Continues Become Market Leader in East Kalimantan
East Kalimantan is one of the important areas for Hino. In this region there are many natural resources such as oil and gas. This is what spurred as well as a booster factor of Hino sales to continue to survive a market leader. From sales data for East Kalimantan during January – November 2017 period, Hino for medium duty truck segment able to maintain position as a market leader by leading market of 59% or this result increase compared with last year period only has of 47%. Certainly, this encourages result for Hino because this achievement has survived during the last 17 years. Meanwhile for light duty truck through reliable product is Hino Dutro, Hino market share in this class also increase compared with last year. Recorded Hino Dutro success to increase the market share from 14% to 20%. Surely this not separated from Total Support activity that Hino provide to the customer, either for sales service or after sales so customer feel satisfied with Hino product because its help their business easier.

 “This year we are so happy with Hino sales result in East Kalimantan, because our products can increase its market share. In the future we continues optimist can be better, because some economic indicator show a positive trend, including currently existence of equity infrastructure development outside Java Island surely this will can impact our sales”, Closed Naito.

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