Help to Maximize Safety, Hino Established Lebaran Service Corner. Spread In 11 Point Traffic Line Jun 06, 2017

Jakarta, 6 June 2017 – PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) understanding landline still become one of famous for travelers return to their home town. One of mode transportation use is a Bus. During IED period many buses will operate with long distance to the any cities in Indonesia including from Jakarta to the city in Java Island or Sumatera Island. To provide safety and comfortable for bus company and also its passengers, Hino opens “Hino Lebaran Service Corner”. This program that held in every year, Hino continues doing as a form Total Support to the customers for going well homecoming of Idul Fitri. With Hino Service Corner Idul Fitri is certainly very helpful buses  that has technical problem while on the road and this is surely can reduce accident during their journey.
Hino Service Corner Idul Fitri, and standby workshop spread in 11 point of Sumatera and Java Island including to traffic line Sumatera will available in Medan, Palembang, Lampung, Merak. Meanwhile, for north Java traffic line will available in Cipali, Cirebon, Pemalang, Waleri, Semarang and south java traffic line will available in Nagrek, Kebumen, and Ngawi. Hino Service Corner Idul fitri will provide service such as emergency service, free consultation and free checking Hino vehicle. This service supported by professional and trained mechanical with advanced equipment and also availability of spare part to replacement that urgent situation such as V Belt, engine oil, hub bolt, brake/clutch fluid, and power steering fluid. Hino Service Corner Idul Fitri is also equipped with service car to expand service area so that it can reach even difficult places or there is an emergency damage on the road.
Hiroo Kayanoki, President Director PT. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) said “We provide free check up and consultation for Hino bus, so their vehicle can be always in good condition and arrive at home town safely”. This service is a form as our commitment to satisfaction bus company and also to help government to keep safety and reduce accident during homecoming Idul Fitri”, added Kayanoki

Sales Review Hino January – April 2017
By total result commercial vehicle market for cat 3 segment or medium duty truck and cat 2 or light duty truck during January – April 2017 has increased if compared at the same period last year. For medium duty truck market increase 50% which is in last year sold out 5.289 vehicle units meanwhile for this year market has increase become 7.909 units while for light duty truck segment market has increase 14% up to 20.087 from last year that can recorded 17.568 sales units.Hino still maintain its position for 17 consecutive years as a market leader medium duty truck on sales January – April 2017. Recorded during that period Hino can collecting 4.697 unit sales or increase 58% compared to last year only has 3.084 unit sales. With this result Hino Ranger leading market share 60% for medium duty truck segment. Certainly, this result very satisfy which is Hino market share can increase compared at the same period in last year that only has 59%. While the good result also coming from light duty truck segment which Hino Dutro able to reach 22% market share or recorded 4.407 unit sales or increase 28% from last year 3.456 unit sales. This result is better than same period which recorded only has 20% market share
Surely this positive result, which is Hino sales increased above from the market.  This is proof that Hino keep on trusted by people on doing their business, because Hino make business easier.
“Increase of demand vehicle commercial significant in this year, and we happy increased our sales can above increase market its means our products reliable by people in Indonesia,” said Santiko Wardoyo as Sales and Promotions Director HMSI.
Hino Truck Dakar Rally Arrived in Indonesia
First time, Hino join to Dakar Rally in 1991 and become one of Japan truck that join in toughness race. During join start from 1991 until now or already 26 years, Hino Truck Dakar Rally always reach finish line, where in 1997 success become champion for category truck and reach in the second and third position. Besides that, since Dakar Rally 2010 Hino also success to win under 10 - Liter category for 8 consecutive years from 2010 to 2017. Now, Hino Truck Dakar Rally available in Indonesia. Truck Hino 500 Series type that is famous with its durability and tough in any field will be on display HMSI in GIIAS 2017. Hino truck Dakar Rally is equipped by J08C-TI engine (with turbo intercooler), that able produce powered 450ps/2,700rpm. Which this truck driving by professional racer is Yoshimasa Sugawara. The successes of Hino Truck Dakar Rally always reach finish line for 26 years participate and become winner to a prove that Hino truck has quality durability and reliability. And trustful become partner of business.
“Hino Truck Dakar Rally always success to reach finish line. This is a proof our strength truck that which we continually make improvements. This is spirit of Quality, Durability and Reliability Hino trucks that we apply also in our trucks in Indonesia ". Close Kayanoki


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