Strengthen Relationship, Hino Held Appreciation Night for Jambi Customer. Mar 30, 2017

Jambi, March 3 2017 - PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) as the medium duty truck market leader for 17 consecutive years. Held Hino Ranger gathering or appreciation night for Hino Ranger loyal customer. Cooperation with PT. Jaya Indah Motors (JIM) as authorized dealer Hino in Jambi. The event was held to maintain good relations between Hino with loyal customers who have used Hino Ranger. In addition, this event also as a moment for Hino to dinner together, sharing information, and hear customer need so their business can continues with maximal profit. Located in Swiss-Belhotel Jambi, this event attended by Hiroo Kayanoki – HMSI President Director, Bengawan Kamto – JIM Director, and Yuichi Naito - Sales Planning and Logistics Director HMSI and 50 guests attended the entire user Hino Ranger from various professions such as contractors, transporters and others.
The event starts at 19:00 with several entertainment and also door prizes for guests who are attendance. Beside that Hino also give detail information about after sales programs that can maximize customer business in Jambi. In this appreciation night HMSI also give award for Hino loyal customer in Jambi.
Bengawan Kamto said "Held a gathering for the customer is one of the way to introduce our products and services to them and most importantly through this event we can strengthen relationships with consumers".
Meanwhile, a customer who came in this night is Mr. Atek from PT PT Mitra Abadi express "Not only the products and services are good, Hino Jambi also helda fun event, and through these activities we feel cared by Hino, especially with management HMSI Jakarta ".
"Hino always create a good perfomane in Jambi, banquets and a comfortable place like Hino product that proved to have a strong engine and after-sales service such as nice" said Sarwani of Belato Jaya Transport one customer Hino others who were present in the event Hino Ranger gathering.
Hino Sales In Jambi
Jambi rich in natural resources, with most of its territory is plantations such as rubber and palm, making Jambi an important market for Hino. Hino Ranger during 2016 in Jambi had market share 83.73%. While at the beginning of this year until the end of February Hino Ranger can achieve 89.74% market share. Surely the brilliant results cannot be separated from the trust of loyal customers here to use Hino truck for running their business.
"This activity is appreciations Hino to loyal customer who have chosen Hino Ranger become the backbone of their business and make Hino still as market leader in the medium duty truck until now". Closed Hiroo Kayanoki.

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