Hino Get Closer To Balikpapan's Customers Feb 21, 2013

BALIKPAPAN - On Thursday, February 21, 2013, PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) officially opened a branch office in Jalan Pulau Balang, Karang Joang, North Balikpapan - East Kalimantan. Branch has a land area of ??11.550 square meters and a building area of ??2,321.5 square meters, is the relocation of the old branches that previously operated in Samarinda. The new office is equipped with complete facilities in spare parts depot, and workshop services. HMSI branch office was officially opened by the President Director HMSI - Toshiro Mizutani, Mayor of Balikpapan - Rizal Effendi, and witnessed by the HMSI management.

In his speech, President Director HMSI - Toshiro Mizutani explains, "In accordance with the Hino motto- Move to the Next Stage - opening of HMSI branch office in Balikpapan is an attempt to improve the brand image or Hino power brand in East Kalimantan and the surrounding area. Of course, with increased Hino branch to maximize service for Hino customers, in addition to a wider service area and the availability of more complete spare part, auto-after sales service to Hino user more faster".

Mizutani said, "The presence of this HMSI branch office to support existing Hino dealer at Balikpapan and Samarinda to get closer of Hino customers. To support this, our offices are equipped with self-catering facilities. Hino in this office also have mechanic training facilities (Hino Technician Mechanic School) as a forum for creating Hino mechanicals that reliable to be placed at the dealership - and Hino customers in East Kalimantan and surrounding areas. For the drivers also can follow the program 'safety driving' or other driver training that can be used by Hino customers in East Kalimantan."

Executive Officer Service & Parts - Irwan Supriyono explains, "Balikpapan HMSI office also has a very adequate equipment to repair vehicles (service) and repair the defective part (recondition). Thing is to support the Hino dealer is in Balikpapan. Facility 3S (Sales, Service & Parts) at our branch office aims to minimize 'down time' of the vehicle. At this branch, we also provide service run by Hino Mobile Service is ready to come to the location of the customers unit. Meanwhile Parts Depot at Balikpapan has a capacity of up to 4,200 items spare parts to support in the area of ??Kalimantan, East Kalimantan in particular. Previously we also already have Parts Depot in Banjarmasin and Surabaya. Next we will complete and increase more bigger the training center facilities. "


Hino Indonesia has increased the number of outlets until the beginning of 2013 to 135 sales network. Supported by 185 authorized network service and more than 1,800 parts shops in 126 cities spread across Indonesia. Sales and Promotions Director HMSI - Santiko Wardoyo optimistic, "HMSI in Balikpapan Branch is ready to provide a complete service from vehicle maintenance and provision of spare parts. Surely this branch presence to help dealers to get closer to Hino customers "


Expansion of a Hino spare parts warehouse at Jatake - Tangerang around 6,480 m2, can accommodate 18,000 more items parts. Last year 2012, we launch parts depot in Surabaya, and now in Balikpapan. Until the early 2013's, Hino has had 3 Point of parts Depot (Banjarmasin, Surabaya and Balikpapan). "We are also developing native Parts HMSI the HOP (HMSI Original Parts). HOP Parts are available to meet the demand of our customers, especially for fast moving parts such as filters, brake lining. HOP The main aim of the development is Parts provide spare parts to the "PRICE" affordable and "QUALITY" it is guaranteed by Hino." Irwan Supriyono explained.


Santiko said, "Hino in East Kalimantan has a market share 44% for category 3 (Ranger) and 9% for the category 2 (Dutro) in 2012. While the national market share in 2012, Ranger lead the market share with 56% and Dutro market share of 13%. To welcoming the Cruising Ranger, we are targeting total sales in 2013 for all categories of 40,000 units. And as we promised in December, in the year 2013 we will be launching several new variants to complete the entire segment. addition, we will also continue to enhance the services of both sales and after-sales service by increasing its sales network (150 outlets), service network (220 outlets) and spare parts outlets (2,200 outlets) "


Entering the age of 30 years in Indonesia, Hino has been a market leader for medium trucks for 13 consecutive years in Indonesia with Hino Ranger Unit, which stood at 56% market share with sales of 20,300 units. In the segment of large buses, Hino become the market leader by mastering the market by 60% in 2012 with sales of 1374 units. And for light trucks - Dutro market share in 2012 increased to 13% with sales of 14,200 units. Hino Indonesia closed the year 2012 within total sales of 34,500 units, increase of 41% compared to the year 2011, which sells for 24,652 units.

Mizutani said, "Hino Indonesia became Hino largest distributor in the world outside Japan in the last 6 years. Hino has entered this year to 30 years. During that period, Hino trucks and buses as experts are committed to providing the best products and after-sales service. And customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities of Hino. Providing quality products of trucks and buses, to increase dealer showroom, expanding the network, only a part of the fundamental obligation, and it is not enough to get an evaluation of satisfaction of our customers. Customers expect trust and reliability Hino brand. we should provide professional service every step of the purchase of the truck. "


Along with the opening of a new branch office in Balikpapan, Hino also launched a variant line-up for Hino Ranger, the "Jumbo Cruising Ranger Hino FM 285 JD". This unit has a generation common rail engines with more powerful capabilities, and economical. Jumbo Cruising Ranger JD FM 285 has become one of the latest product series Cruising Hino Ranger line-up in 2013.

Mizutani said, "Hino Ranger FM285JD Cruising Jumbo has the latest generation of Common Rail engine with 285 PS maximum power, maximum torque of 91 kgm and cylinder 7,684 cc. This FM 285 JD is the latest development from Hino, carrying the common rail. the same basic engine with FM 260 JD's proven reliability. FM 285 JD produces power and torque, so the new FM is designed for operation in all fields either off the road or on the road. Spare parts are distributed and available throughout regions in Indonesia (easily obtained) and are interchangeable (interchangeability) between FM 260 JD and FM 285 JD "

Santiko said, "This vehicle has all the advantages of Hino Ranger currently existing Powerful, Durable, with additional Smart, Economical, and Environment Friendly . The additional of new variants to complement the existing Ranger models in order to meet all the customers vehicles needs in Indonesia with very diverse and the area of ??its business. Jumbo Cruising Ranger FM 285 JD uses a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Injector, a coating system injector to make it more durable and long lasting, which will reduce the wear and tear of the material that will surely extend the life of the vehicle. Subsequently, HINO common rail system is more reliable, because using three filters (solar filter) for added protection from the common rail system contamination solar fuel ".

"The unit with 795 million (chassis off the road in East Kalimantan) has been awaited by Hino customers, And I am optimistic that Hino Jumbo Cruising Ranger FM 285 JD will be as successful as before. Cruising Ranger has a very good performance during the last trial, has better strength, and the ability to climb higher and more efficient fuel consumption as common rail engine. Cruising Ranger was NEW ENGINE TYPE with J08E-VT, so we've set up training for salesman and mechanic, and ensure the availability of spare parts and servicing facilities to assist this unit in Kalimantan. "Santiko said.

Hino products have been accepted by the customer in the world as "Strong and Tough Trucks" and we are constantly developing products with the concept of QDR. "Q" High Quality, "D" High Durability, and "R" High Reliable. Santiko optimistic, "We believe that the most important point for the customer is the" Value for Money ", so we apply the concept QDR on Hino products to maximize vehicle uptime customers. Introduce new products that we today have been developed with this concept and we are sure that the unit This ranger cruising to meet customer needs ".

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