CSR Hino Indonesia : 33.000 Mangrove Tree Planting Mar 16, 2013

TANGERANG - The destruction of mangrove forests on the northern coast of the Java island , motivate Hino Indonesia (PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia / HMSI and PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia / HMMI)make a rehabilitation of the beach while reducing global warming as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs by planting mangroves in ??Tanjung Pasir, Teluk Naga, Tangerang - Banten. Mangrove tree planting was implemented by the Ministry of Environment - Balthasar Kambuaya, Solidarity of Unified Cabinet Ministers 'Wives' (SIKIB), President Director HMSI - Toshiro Mizutani, President Director HMMI - Akihito Yamanaka, and Employee of Hino Indonesia.

The event was held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 This is a collaboration between Hino Indonesia Solidarity of Unified Cabinet Ministers 'Wives' (SIKIB) that chaired by First Lady Ani Yudhoyono.

President Director HMSI Toshiro Mizutani said, "Hino concerned with environmental activities such as mangrove replanting or re-greening mangrove to the beach on the Java coast. Additionally, this initiative as a means of empowering local communities to preserve the mangrove forests and can use it naturally. "

"Hino Indonesia will continuously move to the next stage with the corporate mission “To make the world better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go safety, economically and with environmental responsibility while focusing on sustainable development as a good member of society of Indonesia". Mizutani added.

Moreover, according to President Director HMMI Akihito Yamanaka, "We expect the planting of 33,000 mangrove seedlings to be one of the best ways to fight global warming, and the future of mangroves can be used as shrimp ponds and fish naturally according to their habitat. While it, wait until it can be used as a mangrove ponds and mangroves are exploited (such as chips / crackers from mangrove fruit, etc.). HINO CSR program also provides assistance to communities for livestock banding ducks and fish. "

"Mangrove tree planting activity is a follow up of a symbolic handover CSR Hino Indonesia in celebration of the 30th year on last December 17, 2012. And today is a concrete realization of HINO Indonesia for CSR activity in 2013, Previously Hino Indonesia has helped Community empowerment and Community Freshwater Fish Farmers, Mangosteen Farmers in Purwakarta. With the aim of supporting agricultural growth and improve the welfare of the mangosteen farmers and fishermen welfare of freshwater fish in the Purwakarta. " Yamanaka said

Hino Indonesia has conducted various CSR activities such as giving the Mobile an eye clinic to JFF Bali, Mobile POSYANDU Roving for Purwakarta district, Mobile Blood for Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), a tree planting program in collaboration with WWF and also take part in the Government's program - Plant 1 million trees in several areas including Purwakarta, Tangerang and Bogor, while the education sector in cooperation with Hino Indonesia Yayorin and SIKIB.

Hino Corporate Social Responsibility activities in celebration of 30 years include:

- Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation
- Health & Human Services
- Education & Sports


Solidarity of Unified Cabinet Ministers 'Wives' (SIKIB) 33,000 Trees of mangrove Plantation in North Jakarta
WWF (Word Wide Funds) Rehabilitation of Coral Reefs and to organize local communities to carry out protection of reef.
(PEMDA) Local Government of Palu Garbage Truck – 1 unit dutro 130HD
Kampung Kids Health & Nutrition for Kids & Elderly
1.SMKN I Cibatu
3.SMKN I Plered
Scholarship for 30 students of Technical Schools in - Purwakarta Area
Group of farmers To support growth of Manggis fruit farming and to increase welfare of manggis farmer in Purwakarta area
Fisherman community To support growth of fresh water fishery and to increase welfare of fisherman in Purwakarta area
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