18 Consecutive Year Hino Ranger Become Market Leader In Indonesia. Feb 20, 2018

Jakarta, February 20, 2018 - PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI) closing year 2017 with excellent achieve where totally sales can through the target. Where in early 2017 HMSI set a target 28.000 units, and the result until end of December 2017, Hino success release to the market of 30.007 units for all truck categories and growth the sales up to 35% compared to 2016. Hino New Generation Ranger has a big portion in Hino sales with 55% contribution of total Hino sales in 2017. This medium duty trucks success to sell of 16.768 units and dominated market with 60% market share which is has become a market leader for last 18 years.   
Hiroo Kayanoki, President Director HMSI explain “We so excited with achieve the result in 2017. Which is our success reach the target, indicating that Hino increasing trusted by people as reliable and tough truck in various business segment.” “Because we always provide best fit product for all business and become Hino as one stop solution for business needs" added Kayanoki.
Hino New Generation Ranger FM 260 JD becomes best seller in 2017. Recorded Hino Dump Truck 6x4 success to sell 5.892 units and 35% contribution of Hino sales on medium duty truck. Sales for FM 260 JD supported by mining and construction business.  Where these segments need a tough and reliable truck to carry heavy load and New Generation Ranger FM 260 JD is a king, because already proven in the market this truck continues trusted and already become market leader for 18 years.

Hino Dutro Sales Increase 10% in 2017
In addition success become a market leader in medium trucks, Hino also recorded positive results for the category of light duty trucks or light trucks. Hino Dutro currently new launch in 2002, every year continues increase and more trusted as a business partner in Indonesia. At GIIAS August 2017 ago, HMSI launched Hino New Dutro is the latest generation replaces the previous generation Hino Dutro. This latest generation comes with the tagline “Makin Panjang Umurnya.” Hino New Dutro has 16 new models. There are additional 4 models from previous generation that has 12 models. In 2016, Hino Dutro success sold 11.788 units either in 2017, Hino Dutro sales success up to 10% by success to take market 13.014 unit. For new type Hino New Dutro 130 HDL that has cargo space 5, 4 meter and longer in its class success in market that sold 261 units in the last year. While Hino New Dutro 130 HD, become the best seller in light duty truck, this model sold up to 7.930 units or has contribution 61% for Hino sales in light duty trucks during 2017.  Hino New Dutro 130 HD is a 6 wheels truck with W04D-TR engine that able to produce power up to 130 PS with maximum torque 38 Kgm. This truck has tested excellent and strengthen in carrying heavy loads on the narrow road.
Hino Bus  Market Leader with achieved 74% market share.
For bus market, as well as Truck. Hino also achieved excellent results with positive outcomes for sales in 2017. Hino Bus recorded the excellent result, where Hino able to dominate medium bus market with sales of 1.538 units. This sales increase 45% from previously 2016 that recorded only 1.061 units. From Hino Bus market share increase significant from last year dominated 64% in order to closing result of 2017, recorded Hino continues become a market leader in bus segment with reach 74% market share. This good result for Hino Bus sales, supported by Hino Bus R260. Bus are widely used for various kind of transportation such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Bus School, Inter-City Bus, City Bus, and Tourism Bus is successfully released to the market of 1.159 units or contribute as much as 75% for total sales of Hino Bus in 2017 .
Hino Dutro Safety Driving 2017, Hino Educate 1.000 Truck Driver
In 2017 as the one of Total Support activities for Hino customers and form of to support government in safety program to avoid the accident. Hino success held the program Hino Dutro Safety Driving Competition 2017. This program held at 10 cities such as Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Pontianak, Balikpapan, Makasar, and Manado. In this event Hino give the training and competition participate by 1.000 truck drivers from 10 cities. Cooperation with Police, Ministry of Transportation and Board of Transportation. Hino provide training material such as safety driving, traffic sign education, and vehicle daily inspection and discipline during the drive.    
“With this training program, hopefully the drivers who participate can implement this knowledge, so they can safe during the duty. Beside that we want the participant also share their knowledge and experience during this competition to other friends so more driver can drive safely”. Said Kayanoki
Hino Optimist The Positif Result will Continue in 2018 .
Entering 2018, and this year will be held election or “Pilkada Serentak” in 171 area as well as province, city and district. Hino still optimist the election event will be smooth and conducive. In this year government also still focus to build infrastructure in many areas in Indonesia. This can be seen infrastructure budget in APBN up to 410 trillion rupiah. Beside infrastructure project, Hino also looking for commodity market such as CPO and Mining will be stable in 2018 and need new trucks for changing or adding the operational vehicle. Outside the two segment mention above, Hino still pay attention to the sectors which is always stable every year such as cargo and transportation like bus. In 2018 Hino has target 40.000 unit sales, this target increase 33% compared to the final result in 2017. Beside unit sales in 2018 Hino also continue to strengthen the network in term of sales and after sales. Where in 2018 Hino will open new showroom in several area such as Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi and East Indonesia area. Hopefully in end of 2018 Hino network able to reach more than 171 networks from 161 in 2017. For Hino product in 2018, to facing new regulation from government about EURO 4. Hino will develop the product and ready to fulfill the new requirement about EURO 4 regulation in Indonesia.

“For Euro 4 surely Hino will fulfill the product with the new requirement from government. Because this regulation basically for good air and environment for the society. For engine and Euro 4 technology surely we already have in our principal in Japan. Now we are studied and developed for suitable in Indonesia market”, said Santiko Wardoyo, Sales and Promotion Director HMSI.


Hino at GIIMCOMVEC With Theme One Stop Solution Business.
Ahead of the exhibition of Gaikindo Indonesia International Commercial Vehicle Expo (GIICOMVEC) which will be held on 1- 4 March 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Hino will participate in this event by bringing its units that can be a business solution for visitors who come to this exhibition. As a market leader of medium duty trucks since 2000 Hino continues to bring innovation and new products. Currently Hino has 160 product variants ready for various business segments, and four of them will be displayed in GIICOMVEC are Hino New Dutro 130 HD, and Hino New Generation Ranger FM 260 JD which reliable in the construction business and has proven toughness and strength. Another unit is a partner in the cargo business that is Hino New Generation Ranger FG 235 JS and the last is Hino's new bus which already introduce to public in last December ago Hino Bus RN285 Automatic Transmission.
“We bring One Stop Solution Truck and Bus as a theme, this is based on the fact Hino is the only one commercial vehicle brand that has completely range of product, start from light truck, medium until heavy truck. As well as Bus, Hino bus variant has from microbus up to big capacity and power. For that we believe Hino will support all the need in customer business”, said Santiko.
“Beside that our after sales program through Total Support activities provide excellent service for customers to maximize the profit, because we will help to minimize the operational cost vehicle and maximize the up time”. Closed Santiko.

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