Hino300 series

  • Strong Performance

    POWERFUL ENGINE - 4 strokes inline engine with turbo charge intercooler, more powerful and fuel - efficient

    AIR FILTER - Futuristic design, the location of the filter moved to the right part of the vehicle, allowing the air that comes cleaner and the combusion is more efficient

    STRONG & FAST TRANSMISSION, with suitable gear ratio, powerful low gear and high speed top gear (overdrive). More powerful and fuel efficient

    STRONG & THICK CHASSIS, with inner reinforcement, rivets & new cross member design without holes, increase the chassis rigidity

    FAN CLUTCH, cooling fan radiator completed with fan clutch. Can reduce engine noise and save fuel

    PARALLEL BATTERY, 12 volt battery capacity - 60Ah x 2 55D26R type / 2 in parallel configuration.

  • Optional

    POWER STEERING, Manuver for parking or going through winding road is a lot easier

  • Safety & Comfort

    REAR VIEW MIRROR, with cover to reduce vibration during driving. With wider angle, giving wide view perspective.

    TILT CABIN- All Dutro truck variant have tiltable cabin. Provide quick & easy access for maintenance.

    TELESCOPIC & TILT STEERING, Position of steering sheel now can be adjusted to the driver's posture, more comfortable and safe in driving.

    ERGONOMIC CHAIR, driver's chair follow body contour, giving comfortable seating.

    RADIO CD, to enhance driving comfort, now all Dutro variant is equipped with Radio CD.

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