hino500 series

  • Safety & Comfort

    RECLINING SEAT, adjusted seat for driver's comfort.

    ENERGY-ABSORBING STEERING WHEEL & COLLAPSIBLE STEERING COLUMN, will bend and bust when having collision that will reduce driver's risk of injury.

  • Aerodynamic design

    AERODYNAMIC CABIN, makes smaller wind resistancethus making more efficient fuel.

    and the position of the headlamp low so as not to dazzle other drivers

  • Strong Performance

    POWER STEERING, maneuver for parking or going through winding road is a lot easier.

    ENGINE PROTECTOR, higher and safer to protect radiator colliding with other this when operated offroad.

  • Strong Performance

    DIESEL ENGINE ( OHC ), 4 stroke inline with turbo charge intercooler & HMMS more powerful, fuel efficient and easy to maintain.

    PRE AIR CLEANER, function as separator between air, water and dust, so the air inside engine room will be cleaner and free of water to enhance machine durability.

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