• Eco-friendly

    Hino bus has been fitted with Euro 2 engine so that lower emissions andmore environmentally friendly

  • Safety

    Hino bus equipped with a full air-braking system which have strong braking power and easy to maintain.

  • Ketangguhan

    Bus Hino R 235 & R 260 yang menggunakan mesin dengan tenaga 235 PS & 260 PS yang telah teruji tangguh, irit, dan ramah lingkungan.

  • Economis

    Hino bus FB130 offers the advantages of a powerful engine as well as economical.

    Hino bus has had reputation as a comfortable and agile to ride.

    Very suitable for transport in the city.

  • Comfort

    Hino Bus RN 285 with air suspension system gives a high level of comfort and easy to maintain.
    Complete with Stabilizer and Lateral Rod on Shock Absorber & better stability.

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