Training Centre

The Program provided a useful Service Division to provide information products and how to care issues or fixes. With the support of the Training expected customer or Dealer can perform maintenance Hino according standard procedures that have been specified and in accordance with the technological development of HINO. To meet the needs of the customer and Dealer Network in improving the ability of Hino's soft skill & hard skill, Training Centre organizes training programs include:

1. Customer Training

Customer training program it has significance in the operation of the vehicle an operator or early so that drivers can make sense of completeness vehicles can drive safely, as well as good and upright is and can drive in an inefficient manner fuel. In addition to providing training to an operator or driver also provide training concerning the treatment of vehicles given to the technician who is in a work environment customer.


Customer training programs include :

- Preventive Maintenance


- Driver Training



2. Fleet Customer Training

Fleet customer training program is intended to customer which has made his business partners as Trucks or closer to the term Customer Hino Minded, thus the unit owned has in excess of 100 units. With so many units that would have many problems arising from customer's internal corporate users vehicles to HINO.


As a form of endorsement of the business from Fleet Customer to minimize problems that arise on a vehicle used then HINO gives a Fleet Customer Training Programs include:

- Engine Repair Training                                                                           - Chassis Repair Training

- Electrical Repair Training                                                                        - Special Condition Training                      

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